Manitou Telehandler

Groundworks and Plant Machinery

  • Drains
  • Mass Concrete Walls
  • Footings
  • Concrete Pads/Floors
  • Drives inc. decorative concrete
  • Light Haulage
  • Earth Moving
  • Various Plant available

Plant Equipment Services

We have an extensive range of plant from micro diggers to telehandlers to ensure we get the job done as quickly and as safely as possible. With our own plant stock we can offer a wide range of services and at the same time cut out the cost of hiring in equipment.

What We Do!

We carry out work for the agriculture and domestic sector so if your looking for a new concrete floor in your cattle shed or a footing for your new home then we can do it! We are experienced in many areas of the trade so don't be afraid to ask if you have any requirements not mentioned on this page.

Mass Concrete Walls

One of our main assets in our growing range of plant/groundworks equipment is a set of shuttering pans. These are specially designed panels which produce superb high quality mass concrete walls for farm buildings, ground retainers or simply a garden wall. The system works by erecting RSJ posts then clamping the shuttering tight to them then pouring the concrete between the panels. Once the concrete has dried the panels are removed and there you have it, a new concrete wall between the RSJ posts. We can make any height & depth of wall as the panels can be bolted on top of each other and the post can be increased in depth. To strengthen our walls even further we tie the posts together with bars inside the wall & as the height of the wall increases, the more bars we will put in. This method is a cost effective way of creating a wall that will last forever.

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